It’s been awhile since we have done a feature. Only because good cars are hard to come by these days. An all around car that performs as well as it looks. We’ve been putting this car on hold because once we feature it we will have to maintain the same level going forward. Well if we ever get around to doing more features we promise you that!

So here it is, Ryan’s Lexus IS300. Now I can go on and on and probably write half a novel with the extensive list of modifications done to this car but since I’m not a novel writer let’s just let the pictures that our photographer Brian Chin took to speak for themselves. (Of course I’ll highlight some of the cool stuff)

This is one of the cleanest and fastest IS300’s I have seen to date. One thing to note is the side exit exhaust system. It’s a custom 4″ downpipe to a 4″ custom side exit exhaust. That’s the usual when running a engine like this IS300. What kind of engine is it? Keep reading!

Check out the 19” JDM Work VS-XX 19×12 in the front and 19×9 in the rear wrapped by Bridgestones. With a wheel width like that Ryan decided to go wide body to make sure those wheel look right. In the background JDM Endless 6-piston caliper (Front) 14” rotor and 4-piston caliper (Rear). The wheels stay as close as possible to the body with the use of JIC FLT A2 Coilovers.

Now this is why he uses a 4″ exhaust. He replaced the stock IS300 motor for a 2JZ motor that comes from a Supra chassis. Not only is this a 2JZ but this is a fully built 2JZ from head to toe. From BC pistons and crank to HKS valve retainers this engine is considered bullet proof. To make sure the all the boost is reaching the motor he went with a custom made intake manifold by Virtual Works. These guys are top notch when it comes to the 2JZ. From a looks perspective you must admire the “Wire Tuck”.

Check out the size of that turbo! Now of course bigger doesn’t mean better. You need to have the right combination of boost, air & fuel. If not you’ll be in trouble. Also bigger means boost lag as it takes longer to spool up a bigger turbo but in the long run it will be able to produce more boost.  Ryan went with the Garrett GT-47 turbo and for fuel he upgrade his fuel injectors to 1600cc.

Ryan threw away the stock instrument cluster and put in a Race Stack Display. This is one of the most accurate displays out in the racing scene today and is pretty high tech with the LCD display.

Like I said in the beginning we could go on and on with this vehicle with the Tilton clutch assembly to the custom made rear diffuser. Ryan has definitely put a lot attention and detail into his IS. As I finish writing this article up it will probably be the last time you see the car in this form. Ryan will be back at it again with a whole bunch of modifications and changes to his ride, stay tuned!

Lastly, Ryan wants to thank the following below:
Brian and Francis @ EATSLEEPRACE
Nick and Jeff @ Grafx
Rui, Mike and Ruben @ Azevedo Motorsports
Emir @ Hytuned
Sean @ Ivey Tune
Rob @ FIZZ
Last but not least my Fiance Lanessa for bring supportive of this crazy hobby!

9 thoughts on “FASHION = FUNCTION”

  1. Never really liked this car. You can call me a hater, but when you spend that much money on a show car, you have to get the details right. I don’t know if you’ve seen this car in person Pete, but here’s where you’re wrong on the “attention to detail” bit. YES, it has all the right parts with the right names (rare and expensive brands) to put this car on a pedestal, but to me it’s like a pretty girl with bad breath. You can admire all you want from a distance, but the moment you step into that personal space, you’re like “meh”.

    I’ll just mention a few bad details that can actually be seen on the photos above so no one will correct me.

    First photo. I can see that they didn’t put a splash shield or any sort of diffuser under the front bumper because I can see the contour of the front bumper from under the wheel well. When you rock a rear diffuser, it should at least mean that the air passing under the car is streamlined and not turbulent — that means from FRONT BUMPER to back.

    Second photo also shows that they didn’t put any liners inside the wheel well to 1) aesthetically cover that part and 2) functionally cover the exposed wires behind the headlight (which I can see from the inside of the fender). When you have a fender that wide, I don’t think rubbing is an issue you’ll see with fender liners anymore so it’s really no excuse.

    Third photo. If you look at the firewall just right behind the intake manifold, you’ll see the engine harness, other electrical wires, and rubber hoses being fed into the car. The least that could have been done is put a $10 rubber grommet to keep the wires from potentially grounding to the body. Also, there’s this thing called heat shrink tubing that comes in many different sizes — even one that can envelope that entire bundle of wires so that you’ll end up with a cleaner looking single mass being fed through. BTW, when I saw this car in person, I can practically see the drivers foot through that small (but significant in detail) hole in the firewall. Kinda makes that “wire tuck” incomplete.

    Ryan, if you’re reading this, you should take this professionally as constructive criticism. You’re boys probably give you too much props but don’t have the kind courtesy to point out these mistakes to you. These little things probably won’t make you win more car shows since that’s obviously NOT what the judges look for. Hell you can even bring a non-functional car and put on some rare “JDM” parts on it and still win over something that actually works. But that’s another story.

    I understand that you’ve went to several iterations with this car, but those little things I mentioned should have been something that was taken care of from day one. You can change wheels, paint scheme, throw more money at it… but in the end all you’ve really done is add makeup and dress that pretty girl in expensive stylish clothing. In the back of your mind (if not then, at least now) you’ll still be thinking about that awful bad breath. Unless of course you like women with bad breath.

  2. John Cui, your a stright up hater!!! We love people like you.. To actully sit there and create a story on his flaws shows it’s more then him missin a splash gard, or a $10 rubber house, at the same time haters like u give us good advice, so when he fixes that hose insted of usen rubber it’s gonna be steel braided line! Make it look a little better for you..

  3. in response to John… the car did have a PLP under-body panel, but was not put back onto the car after I had my downpipe/exhaust worked on and I can honestly admit that my diffuser was more for looks then function as the rear of the car was incomplete when I had to cut my bumper for the added the fuel cell.

    both fenders in the front of my have lining in them up until where the fender meets the bumper.

    That hole which is no more then 2″ should have the rubber grommet on it thanks, but there is no way to see the drivers foot as you claim since there is a plastic panel that goes across the underside of my dash board.

    your criticism doesn’t bother me… everyone is entitles to their own opinion, my girl is built for me not everyone else. When I go to shows and I win that’s great, and if I don’t then so be it…

    As for anyone who thinks the car stays “parked” or is always tailored… I have pics, videos and witnesses that have seen the car drive as recently as Summer slam at englishtown in July when the car was driving almost 2 hours to the show with no problems.

    again Shoutout to Brian for the pics and TSL/ESR for the Feature!

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