Around the Paddock – Formula D Atlanta


If you’re looking for an event to do a good leg work out, one at Road Atlanta would be a good choice to attend. There are plenty of inclines, declines and stairs to make your way around the track. After qualifying day, we even broke down and decided to rent a golf cart the next day. Coming down the hill to the paddock, a couple of Evasive’s FRS’ were on display after they were finished running the Global Time Attack event. For me, it was actually kind of refreshing to see these cars on the track.


This is only a small part of one of the hills around Road Atlanta that you manage to find yourself hiking up and down multiple times during the day and night.


Jade Crew’s NSX… I’ve been in love with the car for many many years and it never gets old.


While take a picture of Taka’s 86, I noticed through the window, Taka and Ken were conversing and having a good laugh. Good to see Taka with a smile even through all the hardships. Hoping for more success in his future with his 86.


What’s there to say about this FD?


Randomly spotted this S2000 in the lot? Stands? Lol I don’t know what to call Road Atlanta’s parking setup.


The real reason I attend Formula D events. That Erica Nagashima!

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