Fresh Meet Spring Bash 2014


Fresh Meets Spring Bash isn’t the first event of the year but it is an event where you see some people debut their new cars or setups.

Chinzo_SpringBash_03 Chinzo_SpringBash_37

With vendors such as Tjin Edition and Scion Racing, you would think this is more of a car show then a meet.


There was a wide variety of cars like this, I believe mid-late 20’s Chevy with a more interesting 13B power plant.

Chinzo_SpringBash_01 Chinzo_SpringBash_74

Honda Ruckus are still a big hit but the Honda Grom sure is making a rise in the scene.


“Drift Car” Ha!


JP’s S2000 with a very aggressive look this year.

Chinzo_SpringBash_47 Chinzo_SpringBash_59

A couple of my favorite cars.


All things wrapped


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