Formula D The Gauntlet – Wall, NJ


The Gauntlet is a very fitting name for round 4 of the Formula D series held in New Jersey. A oval track ran backwards with guard rails that will eat up your car faster than Cerberus with his 3 heads, just finishing a lap around the track can make you feel like Hercules.

Chinzo_FDNJ_085 Chinzo_FDNJ_019 Chinzo_FDNJ_137 AV7U32886O5A4882 AV7U33446O5A4882

Tyler Wolfson, Kyle Mohan, Jhonnattan Castro and Chelsea Denofa were just a few that fell victim to Wall Stadiums infamous guardrail.

Chinzo_FDNJ_140 Chinzo_FDNJ_141

On the other hand, Daigo Saito and Michael Essa don’t have a problem with a little physical contact.

Chinzo_FDNJ_141The drivers kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.



Umbrella Girls… We all love them. Not sure if we come to these events for the drifting or for the race queens 😉


AV7U33936O5A4882AV7U34376O5A4882 AV7U33996O5A4882 Chinzo_FDNJ_106 Chinzo_FDNJ_104 Chinzo_FDNJ_096 Chinzo_FDNJ_083 Chinzo_FDNJ_086Chinzo_FDNJ_086

One of the things we love about this track is the amount of smoke the cars generate here. We really don’t know how the drivers are able to follow during tandem runs.


Kenny Moen Making a pass on Joon Maeng. Granted Kenny took a low line around the bank but it was a first for me to see someone make a pass here.

Chinzo_FDNJ_117 Chinzo_FDNJ_128 Chinzo_FDNJ_073 Chinzo_FDNJ_097

Steering angle. These guys have lots of it and weren’t shy about using it and tossing the rear end of their cars towards the rail.

Chinzo_FDNJ_043 AV7U34556O5A4882

Top honors goes to the long awaited and much deserved Fredric Aasbo in the Hankook tire, Scion Racing and Papadakis Racing Team.






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