First Class Fitment 2014


Another year, another great event. First Class Fitment, on the east coast, is pretty much considered as the last event of the year and also very highly anticipated by many to see who will end the year with the biggest bang.


Highlight of the day was watching the iconic Signal Auto GTR roll into the show.

_M1A8140 _M1A8125

These 2 FD’s in at the SNTRL booth are works of art to me.


Shouts to Tim Tim!


Nice lineup of Ruckus’. I wonder if there will be a Grom lineup next year…


Not quite what you would expect to see at a fitment show but still nicely done.


I previously spoted this down at H2oi a few weeks prior and thought it looked pretty rad rolling down the street.


Have you checked out the Motorvate app? Keep up to date with events.


Darren like a boss and his S14.


I have no words for this S2k. Just appreciate.


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