Hot Import Nights – New Jersey


It’s been a minute since Hot Import Nights has been in New Jersey and they had brought it back to the first venue at the Meadowlands Expo Center. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this event after how things were previously ran a few years back. Although quite a few of my friends had laughed at the thought of going, I wanted to check it out for old times sake.

Sometimes while gathering with my car buddies, we sometimes reminisce about the old car show days and earlier years of HIN. Back when modding a car was more than just cheap coilovers, replica wheels and when people bought camber kits that would straighten your wheel rather than making it looks like a future car seen in Back to the Future 2 (i know the movie is positive camber). Back when all the models were more than just girls dressed in lingerie or pasties. Back when the show scene had some major sponsors that gave free hair cuts in the middle of the show.


Apparently there are some things that never change.

_M1A7514 _M1A7476

Some things did however change for the good though.


Some eye candy that surly doesn’t disappoint.

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