H2oi 2014 – Looking Back



H2oi… To be honest, I really had no interest in going down to Ocean City, Maryland to check out cars and show. All I really wanted to do was just chill, hang out with friends and ride fixies but since all my friends are car guys, I guess it couldn’t be helped to check out the some meets and the constant cruising up and down the strip.

_M1A7699 _M1A7895One thing I realized down there is that the traffic sucks. Anything that you can take down the bike lane that weekend is your best bet. Not only do you have to deal with traffic when driving, parking is also another hassle.

_M1A7708 _M1A7718 _M1A7748_M1A7743Although H2oi is known to be a Euro show, over the years it’s become more diverse with the cars that come out.

_M1A7909 _M1A7907A couple of Corvette swaps…

_M1A7850 _M1A7852This Liberty Walk BMW made quite a buzz….

_M1A7771 _M1A7778Which would you take??? Who do you think would win in a race???

_M1A7842 _M1A7836 _M1A7829Did you survive H2oi???



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