Honda Day Atco 2k13

Photos By: Brian Chin

11 years going, Honda Day brought yet another great event. Compared to the last few years, I have to say this year was a lot more organized and well run. Granted arriving at the venue at 6am, there was hardly any traffic getting to the track. Great job and I hope this continues in the future. Another change this year was the addition of a VIP car show section. Competitors, prior to the event, had to submit photos of their car in order to be entered into this section and I thought this was great. It was nice to have the more elite class of cars in one section rather than to have to weed them out throughout the 800 other cars that attend the show. On the other side of the bleachers was some exciting drag racing. 8 second turbo civics and 9 second all motor cars running down the 1320. I can remember when I first started going out to races, if you were running 10’s or even 11’s, that was considered Fast. Anyways, congrats to OGS for putting on another great event and putting together a fantastic give-a-way car. For those that wasn’t able to make it, click the photos above to jump to the gallery.

A Day’s Journey – HKS Japan Headquarters

When you think of tuning industry innovators, there are a few specific names that come to mind. Surely HKS – the big kahuna of them all – is one of those names. Seeing what goes on behind it’s secretive doors is a gearhead’s dream, one which a rare furtunate few get to realize. It’s hard for me to truly express how I felt that day, how special it was, and how just outright lucky I was to be able to see in detail everything that goes on in HKS’ impressive operation.

5:00am Tokyo time, I wake up, still way to early to get ready – so I decide to kill sometime by taking in what was one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen.

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Blood and Grease

Straight out of the custom car culture, Blood & Grease has made a huge impression since its original debut in August. Keeping to their roots, they only sold shirts at automotive gathers for the first month, ultimately waiting until September to launch their full web store and open up sales to the rest of the public.

The Blood & Grease clothing brand was established by a compilation of influences of cultures, ranging amongst automotive, music, extreme sports, and/or any individual that is dedicated to survive on the boundaries that are sustainable by both blood, and grease.

The entire ‘B&G’ brand, feel, and style was something that was put in the hands of AutoLife Tour host and AVSS car designer, Aaron Vaccar.  The products are of the highest quality, distributed in limited edition quantities and will be considered highly desirable amongst exclusivity seekers.

Check them on out online at; Facebook (/BloodAndGrease); Twitter (@BloodAndGrease)