H2oi 2014 – Looking Back



H2oi… To be honest, I really had no interest in going down to Ocean City, Maryland to check out cars and show. All I really wanted to do was just chill, hang out with friends and ride fixies but since all my friends are car guys, I guess it couldn’t be helped to check out the some meets and the constant cruising up and down the strip.

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SEMA ’10

Photos By: Brian Chin

SEMA 2010 marked the 8th year SpeedLounge.com has been in attendance. Year after year you think you would be oblivious but after last years SEMA and the low attendance it would make you think what is in store for the aftermarket performance industry? Well this year definitely made things turn around. With over 40,000 attendees and a packed convention center, you can tell that the economy is starting to pick up. It should only get better from here!

Canibeat.com Presents – First Class Fitment

Photos By: Brian Chin

It’s not odd on the west coast to have shows and meets like JTuned, Niesi , Eibach and Chinatown showoff, just to name a few, which display some of the hottest and cleanest rides in the scene. Out here in the northeast, you’re more likely to see only a hand full of the same quality cars at the average car show and meet here. Canibeat decided to mix it up a bit with their First Class Fitment show.

The venue they chose was at a little bit of a different location that we normally go to. A airport hanger in Princeton, NJ hosted the 75 hand picked cars for the show where judging was based on wheel fitment and stance of the car. Crazy offset wheels, stretch tires and rolled fenders were a common theme and the sound of pressurized air being released was not far behind with cars rolling on air bags to get that extra low stance.

Pictures speak louder then words so click on the pictures above to jump to the gallery.

30th Anniversary of Quattro

It has officially been 30 years since Audi brought their all wheel drive system (Quattro).


Jalopnik has a great article up about the history of Quattro and how it was developed. Here are some snippets:

That last bit is where things get interesting — it led to one of the most ingenious packaging solutions of the late 20th century. The Quattro’s longitudinal center diff is built into the back of the gearbox, and the gearbox’s primary shaft is essentially an extension of the crankshaft. The primary shaft drives a hollow secondary shaft, which then drives the diff. But here’s the cool part: A third, solid shaft lives inside the hollow secondary, transmitting power to the front axles. This is the much-lauded “shaft within a shaft” that everyone talks about, and it allowed the Quattro to pack a steamer trunk’s worth of components into a space barely larger than an overnight bag. (Note: Anyone who makes an Xzibit “Yo dawg, I herd you like all-wheel drive so I put a shaft in your shaft so you can diff while you diff” joke at this point will be shot.)

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