Blood and Grease

Straight out of the custom car culture, Blood & Grease has made a huge impression since its original debut in August. Keeping to their roots, they only sold shirts at automotive gathers for the first month, ultimately waiting until September to launch their full web store and open up sales to the rest of the public.

The Blood & Grease clothing brand was established by a compilation of influences of cultures, ranging amongst automotive, music, extreme sports, and/or any individual that is dedicated to survive on the boundaries that are sustainable by both blood, and grease.

The entire ‘B&G’ brand, feel, and style was something that was put in the hands of AutoLife Tour host and AVSS car designer, Aaron Vaccar.  The products are of the highest quality, distributed in limited edition quantities and will be considered highly desirable amongst exclusivity seekers.

Check them on out online at; Facebook (/BloodAndGrease); Twitter (@BloodAndGrease)