Honda Day Atco 2k13

Photos By: Brian Chin

11 years going, Honda Day brought yet another great event. Compared to the last few years, I have to say this year was a lot more organized and well run. Granted arriving at the venue at 6am, there was hardly any traffic getting to the track. Great job and I hope this continues in the future. Another change this year was the addition of a VIP car show section. Competitors, prior to the event, had to submit photos of their car in order to be entered into this section and I thought this was great. It was nice to have the more elite class of cars in one section rather than to have to weed them out throughout the 800 other cars that attend the show. On the other side of the bleachers was some exciting drag racing. 8 second turbo civics and 9 second all motor cars running down the 1320. I can remember when I first started going out to races, if you were running 10’s or even 11’s, that was considered Fast. Anyways, congrats to OGS for putting on another great event and putting together a fantastic give-a-way car. For those that wasn’t able to make it, click the photos above to jump to the gallery.

HONDA DAY 10th Year Anniversary – Part I

Photos By: Siva Somya

Honda Day celebrated the 10th year anniversary with a huge bang. Can’t believe it’s been a decade already since it all started… The event was held on August 11th and 12th at Raceway Park, Englishtown NJ. Every year I notice the turnout get’s bigger and bigger however this has got to be the largest Honda Day event at Etown to date! The gates opened at 8am but I heard that cars actually started lining up as early as 2am! Within hours the car show area was sold out. It truly felt like the cars and spectators were just pouring in non stop all throughout the day. Congratulations to all the car show and drag race winners and a huge congrats to the lucky lady that won the 10th year anniversary project DC2 giveaway! For more photos of the event Click Here!

HONDA DAY 2012 Part I – Atco Raceway NJ

Photos By: Siva Somya

Honda Day was held on April 14th and 15th at Atco Raceway in NJ. This event was recorded as the largest turnout in Atco Raceways’s 50 year history. Cars lined up in at the crack of dawn and the event was sold out within hours due to capacity limits. The Ruckus crew also rolled in deep this year. The event was hosted by our very own Frankie Five and MC Slick. Both provided solid entertainment and got the crowd jumping all weekend showering them with free gifts from the stage. We also had some very special guests that flew in strait from Japan to check out the east coast scene and cover the event for USDM Freax magazine! Congratulations to all the car show and drag race winners. I cannot wait to see what the next Honda Day event at Etown will bring. For more photos of the event Click Here!

Honda Day Part 1 – Atco

Photos By: Brian Chin & Somya Siva

Honda Day at Atco Raceway is one of the most anticipated events of the year. This event grows larger every year and if you didn’t come early for this one, then you were probably left outside on the streets as the venue reached maximum capacity halfway into the day. If you were one of the people that camped out overnight or arrived before the sun came up, then I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did. First walking into the venue, you come across the car show. The lot was filled with a variety of cars from wild show cars with insane amounts of body conversions to the simple and clean rides of JDM styling. The further into the venue you go, you reach vendor row where you can pick up the latest parts and accessories from VRaceworks, MB Racing and Project JDM. After registering for the Honda Day giveaway car, Honda Day swag was available for purchase and lets not forget, EatSleepRace was on point with all your original gearhead apparel. As you continue walking along, you come across the pits where the drag racers are prepping their cars for a pass down the 1320. Even though there were quite a few break downs throughout the day, there was still plenty of good racing action especially the K tuned all motor finals as Tim Grey and Jake Gavio battled in the closest race I’ve ever seen as they ran identical times and mph but Jake just barely got to the finish line first. In the middle of all this craziness was the Honda Day stage. Elite Camp’s DJ Mpos and DJ Jay Jung along with DJ L Nino kept the beats bumpin all day long while MC Slick and Frankie Five kept the crowd entertained with contest and giveaways of Ipods, tee shirts, plate frames and to top it off, a free car at the end of the day that one lucky spectator gets to take home. Thanks to OGS for putting on such a great event. I can only imagine how insane Honda Day at Englishtown will be.

James Baird Park Meet

Photos By: Brian Chin

One sunny morning, just before SEMA, I got a call to grab my camera and be ready. Not long after that call, I found myself in a car ride cruising up the highway and through the NY mountains with some of the cleanest cars in the northeast. Two hours later we landed at James Baird Park for a meet and BBQ. Hot cars and good food made for a fun trip. I have no clue who actually setup this gathering but Thank You for a good time.

Step Brothers

A couple of my buddies have similar taste when it comes to modding civics. Its not too often that Andy’s coupe and Joeham’s hatch are seen together so I had to jump at the chance to snap some pictures of them together. From the front end, besides the height difference, it would be hard to tell whose car is whose until you make your way around the cars. The Work RSZ-R’s and a load of JDM goodies accent the non-pink milano red paint. Lots more can be said about these cars but you’ll just have to wait for the details. Enjoy the pix!

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