HONDA DAY 2012 Part 2 – Atco Raceway NJ

Photos By: Brian Chin

It didn’t surprise me to get a call from a friend on Sunday morning at 8:30 saying that the car show was sold out. Yes only a half hour after the show “technically” started, 600 cars had already been entered into the car show. Throughout the day, those that couldn’t get into the car show setup what looked like a meet in the parking lot. It’s a good thing that in the off season, Atco Raceway had expanded their parking lot to accommodate additional parking for spectators.

Anyways, enough of the jibber jabber, click on the photos above to jump to the gallery.

HONDA DAY 2012 Part I – Atco Raceway NJ

Photos By: Siva Somya

Honda Day was held on April 14th and 15th at Atco Raceway in NJ. This event was recorded as the largest turnout in Atco Raceways’s 50 year history. Cars lined up in at the crack of dawn and the event was sold out within hours due to capacity limits. The Ruckus crew also rolled in deep this year. The event was hosted by our very own Frankie Five and MC Slick. Both provided solid entertainment and got the crowd jumping all weekend showering them with free gifts from the stage. We also had some very special guests that flew in strait from Japan to check out the east coast scene and cover the event for USDM Freax magazine! Congratulations to all the car show and drag race winners. I cannot wait to see what the next Honda Day event at Etown will bring. For more photos of the event Click Here!

Fall Nationals ’11

Photos By: Brian Chin

It wouldn’t be a Raceway Park Fall Nationals Event if it didn’t have crazy weather, fast cars, tons of break downs, hot cars and scantily clad women on stage dancing around. It was great to see Gary Gardella back on the drag strip racing again but personally, I was quite upset that Chris Rado wasn’t able to make it out to the event to have their grudge match. It’s never a dull moment at Raceway Park events and what a way to close out the season. I can’t wait until next years Spring Nationals to see how this scene continually progresses. Enjoy the photos!

Spring Nationals

Photos By: Brian Chin

This past weekend was Raceway Park’s 15th Annual Sport Compact Spring Nationals. Big crowds, fast cars, beautiful ladies and musical concert pretty much sums up the event. Click on the photos above to jump to the gallery to see what went down on this crazy weekend. Thanks OGS and all the supported the event!

Import Survival Series 1

Photos By: Brian Chin & Nicole Blanchard

With 70 degree weather the week prior to Import Survival Series 1, there were high hopes of nice weather for the first car show of the season at Englishtowns, Raceway Park. Sadly enough, it was a brisk 30 degrees when I arrived at the track. However, the racers still came out to make those passes down the 1320 to work out the winter bugs and the show goers got to see some of their competition for the season. MC Slick and DJ L Nino held it down on stage keeping the beats bumping for the crowd.

Raceway Parks Fall Nationals

Photos By: Brian Chin

Raceway Parks Fall Nationals is always one of the biggest events of the year with it being last big import event in the area. Drag racers have spent countless hours getting their cars prepped for this event for a chance to win the cash prizes. The car show was packed with the hottest JDM and Euro rides and for the first time, Canibeat had a choice award to the car with the sickest stance. Things don’t end there. On stage, the Elite Camp provided music for the venue and MC Slick kept the crowd in check with the constant give aways and contest. Oh and theres more, the bikini contest had 16 of some of the hottest girls around in the smallest bikinis we could get them in to keep it pg-13. In between rounds of the bikini contest, there were performances from Black Point performing the popular “Watagatapitusberry” and Maino performing “All the above”. All in all, it was a great event and I’m expecting next years events will only be bigger.

WheelandTorque X Spring Nationals 2010 Video

Video By: Jared Auslander (

We had our buddy Jared shoot some footage last month at Englishtowns Spring Nationals event. No better time for this video to come out with the 15th Annual Summer Slam Show coming up. Spring Nationals is just a little teaser of what you can expect next weekend at Summer Slam. For more info about Summer Slam, check out