“BLACK” By Liberty VIP

Photos by: Somya Siva

“Black” is the 1st annual premier luxury VIP car show by Liberty VIP. The show was held at Club Abyss in Sayerville, NJ. Never before has there been a car show dedicated to the true Japanese luxury VIP and VIP style community in the east coast. You won’t find any DUB’s here. Once I heard that this show was going down I had to check it out for myself. The turn out was great and I got to see some of the best looking VIP cars around. Big props go out to Agi and the Liberty VIP crew for throwing this all exclusive VIP show. For more photos Click Here

Flush Friday x Ruckus

Just to mix things up again, this week we have a Honda Ruckus. Okay, its not flush I know, but it does have… hella offset?!? I just wanted an excuse to blog about a Ruckus haha. Anyways, we all know that offset is everything and when it comes to running a fatty tire on a Ruckus, well you have to offset Everything to make it work. I caught this sweet Ruckus at meet/cruise up in the Bay last year and it’s one sweet ride. After going to this meet, I ended up purchasing one of my own after seeing how much fun they are.
Want to know more about these sweet scooters?? Well come check out our forum and join in on the talk!
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Flush Friday x 350z

Aces 350z Downtown LA Grand Street Underground from Daniel Kruthanooch on Vimeo.

Something a little different this week. I came across this video a little while ago and while surfing the web, I happened to stumble upon this video again. I just love the CE28 wheels and the black and white combo… The same scheme as my previous car 🙂

Enjoy the video…

Flush Friday x EG Hatch

I saw this EG hatch at one of the many shows that I attend and the paint just jumped out at me. Sadly these photos don’t do the midori greenish pearl paint job any justice but they do show off the paint matched wheels sitting nice and flush.
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Flush Friday x Scion xB

Sorry about not having a Flush Foto last week but unfortunately I had to redo everything on my computer and I’m still trying to get things back to normal.

Anyways, this week we have a very unique Toyota Scion xB. With the fender flares, it might not look all that flush but you just can’t deny the rad offset on these wheels.
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What is “Flush”???

Having experienced the thick and thin of modifying your ride it seems like the “in” thing these days is to make sure your wheels are, “flush.” So what is flush? Look at the image above, flush simply means that your wheel/tires are lined up with the body of the car. Depending on the style of wheel and or preference being flush means having some radical offset on the wheel and also stretching out the tire. Check out the guys at Hella Flush for more photos.