Tuner Evolution x Fresh Meet Events Presents Spring Bash 2013

Photos By: Brian Chin and Somya Siva

2013 Spring Bash meet presented by Tuner Evolution and Fresh Meet was held on Sunday, April 7th at Campbell Field in Camden, NJ. What really set this meet apart was the location and the view. The spot was right underneath the Benjamin Franklin bridge from the Jersey side overlooking Philadelphia which created a really nice background while covering the event. Props to both Tuner Evolution and Fresh Meet crew for organizing and putting together another great event. For more photos Click Here!

Wekfest East

Photos By: Brian Chin

For the first time on the east coast, Weksos brought their famed car show, Wekfest, to the NJ Convention and Expo Center. With so much west coast/ east coast talk about who builds better cars, with a little help from the mid-west, it was great to see the amount of quality cars that attended the event. Check out the photos and let us know what you think. Does the east coast cars compare to what the west has to offer??

FRESH MEET Spring Event 2012 – Union, NJ

Photos By: Brian Chin & Siva Somya

The Fresh Meet was held on May 6th in Union, NJ. This Spring event is the first meet for 2012 and turned out to be a huge success dispite the local police forcing the event to shut down early… Big ups to the Fresh Meet crew for putting together a great event and I am looking forward to covering the next meet this summer. For more photos of the event Click Here!