Tuner Evolution x Fresh Meet Events Presents Spring Bash 2013

Photos By: Brian Chin and Somya Siva

2013 Spring Bash meet presented by Tuner Evolution and Fresh Meet was held on Sunday, April 7th at Campbell Field in Camden, NJ. What really set this meet apart was the location and the view. The spot was right underneath the Benjamin Franklin bridge from the Jersey side overlooking Philadelphia which created a really nice background while covering the event. Props to both Tuner Evolution and Fresh Meet crew for organizing and putting together another great event. For more photos Click Here!

Import Alliance End of Summer Meet 2012

Photos By: Kevin Choi

This past weekend my buddy Kev took a little trip out to Bmore for Import Alliance’s End of Summer Meet. Anything Import Alliance these days seem to have some crazy turnouts with some pretty rad cars. Whether it’s JDM, VIP, EURO, whatever, all was invited for a fun event. Check out the photos and see what you missed out on.

Arco Warehouse Meet 2012

Photos By: Brian Chin

The Arco meet isn’t your typical meet where you expect thousands or even hundreds of cars to show up. It’s actually more like a gathering of friends just kickin back and having a few beers together. This year however, they were taking donations for a good friend that recently had their car stolen to get him back on his feet. I look forward to this meet every year because the quality of cars that come out aren’t what you normally see at other meets or even shows. Check out the photos and I hope to see some more quality cars come out next year.

Import Fashion x C.A.M.E. x High End Performance Spring Meet

Photos By: Siva Somya

The High End Performance Spring meet was a collaboration between Import Fashion, C.A.M.E. and PHENOMenal Vinyl. The meet was held at High End Performance east coast shop located in Farmingdale NY on Sunday June 17th 2012. Spectators and supporters came from all over the country including Aaron Vaccar’s AutoLife Tour. The guys from Intuned Online Canada was there covering the event and showing off the Nissan 370Z project. The meet was a great success and with special guest model Nathalie Castillo being on site made the event even that much better. For more photos of the event Click Here!

Bakerz Meet 2011 – Flushing Meadows Park NY

Photos By: Somya Siva

Another huge car meet presented by Mr. Bakerz on Sunday, June 5th at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens NY. It was so big that this time the event got unwanted attention and was actually cut short by the cops. Despite having to break out early, we still had a great time and got to see lots of real nice rides. Hopefully the next meet won’t have to involve the police… For more photos Click Here

James Baird Park Meet

Photos By: Brian Chin

One sunny morning, just before SEMA, I got a call to grab my camera and be ready. Not long after that call, I found myself in a car ride cruising up the highway and through the NY mountains with some of the cleanest cars in the northeast. Two hours later we landed at James Baird Park for a meet and BBQ. Hot cars and good food made for a fun trip. I have no clue who actually setup this gathering but Thank You for a good time.