Offset Kings ATL


After making a road trip down from New Jersey to Atlanta and seeing a few donks on the way, I was a little curious as to what kind of cars would be appearing for this show. Although not as big as Long Beach, Atlanta did have a nice small collection of cars to show off.

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Offset Kings Long Beach

Photos By: Brian Chin

Strolling over the Firestone bridge after turn 9 at Formula D leads you to the Offset Kings showcase. The first stop of 13 tentative events this year to display some of the hottest cars in the area. There was a nice variety of cars for everyone to enjoy. From Honda’s to BMW’s, bagged and static and all tastefully modified.

First Class Fitment ’11

Photos By: Brian Chin and Somya Siva

Canibeat presented their 2nd annual First Class Fitment show this past weekend. Compared to last year, it seemed as though the show had doubled in size along with the spectators(as if it wasn’t already hard enough to take photos). Dj’s kept the music going all day long, catered food kept our belly’s full and some RC drifting added a little action to the show. Congrats to the winners of the awesome custom trophies made with the help of CCW. Presents – First Class Fitment

Photos By: Brian Chin

It’s not odd on the west coast to have shows and meets like JTuned, Niesi , Eibach and Chinatown showoff, just to name a few, which display some of the hottest and cleanest rides in the scene. Out here in the northeast, you’re more likely to see only a hand full of the same quality cars at the average car show and meet here. Canibeat decided to mix it up a bit with their First Class Fitment show.

The venue they chose was at a little bit of a different location that we normally go to. A airport hanger in Princeton, NJ hosted the 75 hand picked cars for the show where judging was based on wheel fitment and stance of the car. Crazy offset wheels, stretch tires and rolled fenders were a common theme and the sound of pressurized air being released was not far behind with cars rolling on air bags to get that extra low stance.

Pictures speak louder then words so click on the pictures above to jump to the gallery.

Flush Friday x Ruckus

Just to mix things up again, this week we have a Honda Ruckus. Okay, its not flush I know, but it does have… hella offset?!? I just wanted an excuse to blog about a Ruckus haha. Anyways, we all know that offset is everything and when it comes to running a fatty tire on a Ruckus, well you have to offset Everything to make it work. I caught this sweet Ruckus at meet/cruise up in the Bay last year and it’s one sweet ride. After going to this meet, I ended up purchasing one of my own after seeing how much fun they are.
Want to know more about these sweet scooters?? Well come check out our forum and join in on the talk!
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Flush Friday x EG Hatch

I saw this EG hatch at one of the many shows that I attend and the paint just jumped out at me. Sadly these photos don’t do the midori greenish pearl paint job any justice but they do show off the paint matched wheels sitting nice and flush.
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Flush Friday x Scion xB

Sorry about not having a Flush Foto last week but unfortunately I had to redo everything on my computer and I’m still trying to get things back to normal.

Anyways, this week we have a very unique Toyota Scion xB. With the fender flares, it might not look all that flush but you just can’t deny the rad offset on these wheels.
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