Versus Showdown 2014


The Versus Showdown was a nice event for a Sunday drive and a nice way to spend fathers day for the dads out there. With great diversity of classic imports and euros to modern day cars and even a few exotics, there was something for everyone to check out.

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Honda Day Atco 2k13

Photos By: Brian Chin

11 years going, Honda Day brought yet another great event. Compared to the last few years, I have to say this year was a lot more organized and well run. Granted arriving at the venue at 6am, there was hardly any traffic getting to the track. Great job and I hope this continues in the future. Another change this year was the addition of a VIP car show section. Competitors, prior to the event, had to submit photos of their car in order to be entered into this section and I thought this was great. It was nice to have the more elite class of cars in one section rather than to have to weed them out throughout the 800 other cars that attend the show. On the other side of the bleachers was some exciting drag racing. 8 second turbo civics and 9 second all motor cars running down the 1320. I can remember when I first started going out to races, if you were running 10’s or even 11’s, that was considered Fast. Anyways, congrats to OGS for putting on another great event and putting together a fantastic give-a-way car. For those that wasn’t able to make it, click the photos above to jump to the gallery.

OC Car and Truck Show

Photos By: Kevin Choi

This past weekend, my buddy Kev was out at the OC Car and Truck Show held beside the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland. Going 11 years strong, this show is one of the most anticipated events on the east coast. Make sure you check out Kev’s photos.

Cabin Fever 2012

Photos By: Brian Chin

This past weekend was the 2nd Annual Cabin Fever Ruckus Ride. It’s no Super Sunday but people traveled from NY, NJ, PA, VA and MD to the Frontier Town camp grounds just outside of Ocean City, Maryland. Some people roughed it out camping in tents while others lived it up in some “luxury” cabins but either way, everyone got together around the camp fires for a fun weekend of scooter talk and wondering what was really going on in that cabin across from us…

With over 50 riders, there was no surprise to have a few break downs and some trouble shooting, even before the actual 100+ miles ride started. It was kind of crazy to watch scooters torn apart the night before to trouble shoot some wiring issues or a have a motor rebuilt after it had lost compression. Remind you, this was all happening in the middle of the woods.

As for the ride itself, it was a nice cruise through the country with some twist and turns and the occasional straight stretch of road for some WOT action. There were a few accidents along the way but thankfully no one was seriously injured. All in all, it was an adventurous weekend. Thanks to everyone that helped make the event happen and hopefully this will continue to grow year after year.

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Flush Friday x Ruckus

Just to mix things up again, this week we have a Honda Ruckus. Okay, its not flush I know, but it does have… hella offset?!? I just wanted an excuse to blog about a Ruckus haha. Anyways, we all know that offset is everything and when it comes to running a fatty tire on a Ruckus, well you have to offset Everything to make it work. I caught this sweet Ruckus at meet/cruise up in the Bay last year and it’s one sweet ride. After going to this meet, I ended up purchasing one of my own after seeing how much fun they are.
Want to know more about these sweet scooters?? Well come check out our forum and join in on the talk!
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BOWLS LA Toyota Scion xB

Super Street Magazine: BOWLS Scion xB Truck from BOWLS on Vimeo.

Im sure by now, you’ve seen this truck in Super Street or in pictures from SEMA, here is a short behind the scenes video of it being cut in half, extended and put back together. Its amazing what can be built in such a short amount of time.

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