SEMA 2011

Photos By: Brian Chin

That time of year just passed us by. Every car builders dream and nightmare at the same time. Countless hours are spent on builds that always seem to get finished as the car is being loaded on a trailer or in one case I heard, parts delivered to the convention center and installed in the parking lot right before roll-in. As always, the convention center was packed full of cars and vendors with huge displays. After walking around for 4 days, I still don’t think I really got to see everything but I definitely tried. Anyways, check out the photos and I hope you enjoy them.

SEMA ’10

Photos By: Brian Chin

SEMA 2010 marked the 8th year has been in attendance. Year after year you think you would be oblivious but after last years SEMA and the low attendance it would make you think what is in store for the aftermarket performance industry? Well this year definitely made things turn around. With over 40,000 attendees and a packed convention center, you can tell that the economy is starting to pick up. It should only get better from here!

BOWLS LA Toyota Scion xB

Super Street Magazine: BOWLS Scion xB Truck from BOWLS on Vimeo.

Im sure by now, you’ve seen this truck in Super Street or in pictures from SEMA, here is a short behind the scenes video of it being cut in half, extended and put back together. Its amazing what can be built in such a short amount of time.

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