Arco Warehouse Meet 2012

Photos By: Brian Chin

The Arco meet isn’t your typical meet where you expect thousands or even hundreds of cars to show up. It’s actually more like a gathering of friends just kickin back and having a few beers together. This year however, they were taking donations for a good friend that recently had their car stolen to get him back on his feet. I look forward to this meet every year because the quality of cars that come out aren’t what you normally see at other meets or even shows. Check out the photos and I hope to see some more quality cars come out next year.

Annual ARCO Warehouse Meat

Photos by: Brian Chin

Knowing some of the people I know, I was lucky enough to get invited out to this meet. This isn’t your average meet at your local Best Buy. These guys have some of the illest rides with some of the rarest JDM parts on the East Coast. Sadly, I was only able to stay for a short time as I know more cars had shown up after I had left.
Enjoy the pictures

Flush Friday x 350z

Aces 350z Downtown LA Grand Street Underground from Daniel Kruthanooch on Vimeo.

Something a little different this week. I came across this video a little while ago and while surfing the web, I happened to stumble upon this video again. I just love the CE28 wheels and the black and white combo… The same scheme as my previous car 🙂

Enjoy the video…